Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My first Yarn Along

Ginny at small things  hosts Yarn Along every week. Join the fun by posting a picture of what you are currently knitting and reading.

I had no idea when I started knitting that I would love it as much as I do. Honestly, I have not been reading as much as I used to because you can not hold a book and knitting needles at the same time. I have been listening to Jane Eyre on my iPod while I knit. I have read Jane Eyre several times, so I know the story well. It is very easy for me to follow along with while I focus on knitting. I recently borrowed The Everlasting Man, written by G.K. Chesterton, from my sister-in-law. I have read that it is the book that converted C.S. Lewis from atheism to Christianity, so I am looking forward to starting it, but I need to put my knitting down first.

About the knitting, I finished my first scarf yesterday. It is a basic garter stitch scarf in an ocean blue yarn. I knitted it for my toddler, and I am happy with the finished product. I started my next scarf almost immediately after completing the first one. It is a basic stockinette stitch scarf in a mossy green yarn. I hope to finish it in the next couple days and move on to another scarf. Surely everyone in the family needs a new scarf, and I can get the experience I need to move on to more difficult project.

Any suggestions about what my next knitting adventure should be once I have finished knitting all of the scarves?

Please visit Ginny to see what others are knitting and reading. There are a lot of beautiful things to see and some good books that would be a nice addition to your reading list.


  1. You could always try knitting a baby blanket for yourself or someone you know. There are plenty of simple patterns you can find and they do come out so very cute. =)

  2. Erica! I have always wanted to learn to knit. I am glad you are learning ahead of me and so when I catch up with you, you can be my mentor :)


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