Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It can be a difficult task to explain sacrifice to a child. I have found that when explaining sacrifice to my children it is helpful to tell them about the great sacrifice that God made for us by giving us His Son, Jesus. I tell them that His sacrifice was a gift to us, and that when we make sacrifices in our life we are giving God little gifts of love.

Holden made these sacrifice beads at his Confirmation retreat this weekend. Saint Therese used a string of beads to count her small acts of love and sacrifices through the day to help her to grow in perfection. Sacrifice beads are a tangible reminder that every act of love is for God and that we grow in holiness through our acts of love. One of the crafts that I have set aside for Lent is to make our own sacrifice beads. Now that Holden has made his own set, I think I will put him in charge of the craft.

Joining Elizabeth Foss in Small Steps Together.

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