Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along

I am joining Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along this week. 

I am just a tiny bit embarrassed to report that I am still working on the purse. I think about knitting all day long. I want to knit daily, but I  do not get to knit every day. And some nights I am just so tired that I can not knit more than a couple rows before I fall asleep in my chair. 

I finally finished the panel I was working on last week. Today I cast on and knit one row of the second panel. I am ready to finish this panel and sew all of the pieces of the purse together.

On Saturday I started reading The Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning). I am hesitant to recommend it just yet as I am only about five chapters into it, but I have enjoyed it so far.  

If you have some time, please visit Ginny and the other talented ladies that link up with Yarn Along. You will not be disappointed.

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