Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along this week.

I got very little knitting done this week. I have been making school plans. 

We will not start school until after Labor Day, but I wanted to finish everything this week so that we can relax and enjoy our last week of summer vacation. 

I did start reading a new book, Major Pettigrew's Last Stand: A Novel (Random House Reader's Circle). My sister-in-law passed it my way yesterday, and I read three chapters last night before bed. I am enjoying it very much and have found my teary eyed sadness turn into laughter several times already. From the back cover, "Drawn together by their shared love of literature and the loss of their spouses, the Major and Mrs. Ali soon find their friendship blossoming into something more." 

Recently, my grandparents celebrated 65 years of marriage. Six weeks later my grandmother's health took a bad turn. Now she is in a nursing home, and my grandfather is alone in the home they have shared all of these years.  This situation has forced me to think about love, loss, and loneliness as I never have before. I think Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is exactly the book I need to read right now. 

Please visit Ginny and the other talented ladies that link up with Yarn Along.
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