Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Finally off the needles

I have been busy, but I have tried to keep up with my knitting.

I finally finished the blanket for Ralph. 

I have a confession. I ran out of yarn, and I could not find anymore from the same dye lot. Gasp! I was very discouraged and unsure of what to do with it. The blanket sat in a bag for several weeks before I finally decided just to finish the last six rows with new yarn. The color is a bit different from the first yarn, but Ralph does not mind, so I am trying not to let it bother me!

I finally finished the little top for my friend's daughter. I hope to try it on her this week. I am a little worried that it may be too small for Izzy. I have plans on knitting another one in wool, so knitting a new one for Izzy will not be a problem. I knit this first one in a cotton blend.


This is the bag I mentioned knitting here and posted a picture of  here. It was huge when I finished knitting and sewing it together. My family looked at me like I was crazy because they knew a huge bag that is soft and stretchy would never be a good bag for carrying anything. When I told them that I had everything under control because I was going to felt it, well, they shrugged their shoulders and walked away.


Do you like it? I love it! My boys were impressed. My husband was very impressed. They said many nice things about it. That soft and stretchy bag became a tight and tough bag once it was washed in hot soapy water. We packed all of our food items in it for our recent camping trip. It worked great!
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