Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Daybook

For today... praying everyone has a beautiful, bountiful, and blessed Thanksgiving!

Outside my window... a pink and yellow sunrise.

I am thinking... we woke up to the ceiling leaking in the kitchen. It appears to be coming from the boy's bathroom. Chris was worried he would get bored today waiting for Thanksgiving dinner. Now he has something to keep him busy. I think he would prefer to be bored.

I am thankful for... ~ my loving husband
                             ~ three laughing boys
                             ~ extra time with family
                             ~ great friends
                             ~ answered prayers
                             ~ health

In the kitchen... cinnamon rolls and quiche for breakfast and a light lunch, and sweet potato casserole, baked pineapple casserole, and a relish tray to take to Chris's sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner.

I am wearing... black pants, pink t-shirt, and black cardigan sweater.

I am knitting... mittens, a dishcloth, and a scarf.

I am reading... The Foundling's Tale Part One: Foundling (Monster Blood Tattoo) 

I am praying... for my grandparents health and for the marriage of a friend.

I am hearing... Martha Speaks on the television, the washing machine, and Chris working in the bathroom.

Around the house... boys, books and yarn. Oh and some laundry and maybe a few dishes. The floors are vacuumed and mopped. Sweet!

One of my favorite things... baked pineapple casserole. We only eat it at holiday dinners. It is full of butter, sugar, eggs, white bread (gasp!), and some pineapple. Yum!

For the rest of the week... detox from butter, sugar, and white bread! Ha!

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  1. Sounds like a cozy day -- with the exception of the leaky bathroom.


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