Sunday, January 29, 2012

An unplanned break from blogging

Well, hello there! It has been almost two months since I last posted here. It was not a planned blogging break. It just happened due to a serious lack of free time.

We had a lovely Christmas holiday. We enjoyed several different Christmas gatherings. We had a party with our homeschool friends and two dinners with our extended families. We rang in the new year quietly at home.

Once our Christmas break was over, we jumped right back into our school work and basketball. Holden and Thomas are having a great season. Unfortunately, I have failed to bring my camera to the games each weekend. The boys have several games left to play, so there is still time for me to take a few pictures.

I am still knitting.

I knit this cover cowl for my mother-in-law. We celebrated her birthday yesterday. Holden took this picture of me wearing it as we were leaving our house to go to her party.

I will post soon more of what we have been up to!
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