Monday, April 16, 2012


There is an abundance of dark chocolate in my house right now. My family and friends know how much I love dark chocolate, so they helped me celebrate my birthday by giving me lots of it. 

My will power held strong for a week. I would just nibble one piece of candy a day. Saturday morning, I went for a long run. At eight miles, it was my longest run yet. After my run, I grabbed a rice cake, a handful of almonds, a banana, and a piece of whole wheat toast with a teaspoon of olive oil. Then I worked in the garden for several hours, came in for a quick shower, and left with my family to watch Tom's soccer game. During the soccer game, I realized that I was starving. 

When we finally got home, I made myself a huge bowl of three bean and sweet potato soup. Even though it was very filling, I wanted a little something extra, so I pulled out my stash of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is always delicious, but, at that moment, I thought that a little peanut butter would make it taste even more scrumptious. A jar of peanut butter, the kind that should be kept in the refrigerator after it is opened, and a hoard of dark chocolate never left my counter top all weekend. I ate way too much of it, and I felt the consequences of my gluttony this morning when I woke up stiff, foggy headed, and puffy! 

The first lesson I learned this weekend is that I must remember to refuel properly after a long run. The second lesson is to ask Chris to hide the chocolate and the peanut butter after my second helping!
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