Tuesday, April 17, 2012



Thomas has been digging up a dinosaur. I love this picture of Tom with messy hair and covered in dust!

Tom had been given a Fossil Detective kit as a gift when he was younger. It sat on a shelf untouched most of the time. Occasionally, we would pull it down to read through the story, but the 17 Tyrannosaurus Rex bones buried in plaster in a plastic tray were always saved for another day. 

Yesterday, the weather was very warm for April, and Tom was feeling restless. He came to me and asked if he could excavate the T-rex. I thought that sounded like a great idea, so we pulled it down from the shelf, headed to the back patio, and got to work. Tom worked on it for hours. It took a long time for him to uncover the first bone because he was trying to be so careful. He took several breaks to play with his cousins and eat dinner, but when he had free time he went right back to work on the dig. The sun set and it was time for bed, but Tom was not finished. He packed everything up and asked me if he could start right after breakfast in the morning. I smiled and agreed. 

This morning he got to work. Finally, he finished right before we ate lunch. He explained to me that his T-rex skeleton needed a safe place to be displayed. He asked if he could put it in the China cabinet, so now the T-rex is displayed right in front of my grandmother's dessert dishes.
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