Saturday, June 16, 2012

Garden ~ week ten

Joining Ginny for Saturday Garden Journal.

Well, my garden has been growing for ten weeks now. My lettuce has been delightful. The strawberry plants are looking good, and I hope to get strawberries from them next year. 

The brussel sprout plants look great, but I have not seen an actual brussel sprout! The string beans will be harvested this week. 

My pepper plants are small, but they have lots of little peppers on them. The onions are not doing as well as last year. I lost half of my white onions, and a quarter of my red onions and my yellow onions have not bulbed!


 My little cucumber plants are growing fast now that the weather has warmed up. My two eggplants are still very little. I have six squash plants that are growing. I have no idea what kind of squash they are as I just threw a mixture of butternut, acorn, buttercup, and pumpkin into my boxes and let them come up were they wanted to. Then I thinned them out a bit. 

Though I have not seen any squash bugs this year, I do not have high hopes of actually getting squash because the squash bugs have been so bad the last several years. I almost forgot to mention that we are trying container tomatoes this year. I did not take any pictures of them because they look kind of sad. Hopefully, they will cheer up soon!

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  1. Love your boxes & I'm so jealous of all the greens I've been seeing on this little blog hop. Hoping for some greens this winter & next early, early Spring. We're in hot NM.

    here visiting from Small Things. Here's our garden update.


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