Monday, February 25, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac

Thankful for
- warmer weather
- quiet time
- time with family

A knitting project completed.


- creating mindfulness, meditative meals, and keeping our connection to the Divine Presence during mealtime.

Praying for
- Pope Benedict XVI
- couples struggling with infertility and miscarriage
- restored health of a family member

Home Education
- We are trying something new this week. A friend loaned us two of her Drive Thru History DVDs. We will be watching and discussing Drive Thru History: Columbus, The Pilgrams, and Early Boston this week.

In the Kitchen
- vegan meatloaf (made with tempeh and oats), mashed potatoes with coconut milk, and broccoli
- red bean chili
- spicy peanut sauce, rice noodles, and sauteed cabbage
- broccoli soup
- pasta and tomato sauce
- lima bean and potato soup
- chicken noodle soup

In the Craft Room
- My knitting projects are still the same this week. As for my jewelry making, I have been making earrings and bird's nest pendants with wire and glass beads.

Looking Ahead
- This is another calendar free week for us. Maybe we will head to a local park for a nature walk try to make it to the local homeschool skate day on Friday.

What Ralph and Tom wore Sunday.

Joining Jenny and the other ladies at Suscipio for Catholic Woman's Almanac.


  1. Stopping over from Suscipio today. So nice to meet another Catholic homeschooling mom!Your menu plan for this week looks yummy- I'll be right over! ;) Have a great week Erica!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I love meeting other Catholic homeschooling moms, too. :)

  2. Such handsome fellows! Your menu sounds delicious. My grandma makes some of the best chicken and noodles. My husband always requests it when we go for a visit. I tried my hand at her recipe a week or so ago. Let's just say, it was not the same and I told my children not to step in any puddles because they may sink my noodles were so dense and heavy, lol!

    1. Thank you! The funny thing about recipes is that they leave out all the little extra things that we do, such as add an extra pinch of this, use a smidge less of that, simmer for a few minutes longer, to make it just right. Watching your grandma make her chicken and noodles may be the trick to getting it just right.

  3. Please tell me how you like that book about Self-Image.
    Your boys are beautiful.
    Great post.

    1. Thanks, Emily. I am enjoying it. I have one chapter left to read. I will let you know my final thoughts when I am finished! :)

  4. Erica....I've tried my hand a few times with vegan meatloaf without much success. Your recipe sounds delicious. God bless those boys! +

    1. Caroline, I think I got my original vegan meatlof recipe from The Happy Herbivore and then just changed it a little until it was perfect for us.

  5. "Mindfulness. Meditative meals..." -- you have to do a post on this, Erica. Please!

    Your boys are both handsome and handsomely dressed, too. 'Hope they enjoy the skate day with other homeschoolers :-)

    1. Marcia, that is what I have been focusing on while reading Cravings, by Mary DeJurris Poust. There is some good food for thought in the book! :)

  6. Your boys look spiffy!

    Care to share your recipe for spicy peanut sauce and rice noodles? Sounds yummy!

    Enjoy your week, Erica!

    1. Thanks! Sure, I will include it in next weeks CWA. I have to warn you that it was tailor-made for my family! It might not sound so yummy after you read the ingredients. Lol!

  7. I've been seeing a lot of pictures about what people have worn on Sunday and I'm loving them! Your boys look sharp. Love all the soup choices you have too.


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