Friday, May 31, 2013

Strawberries, a worm, and new additions ~ week 7

Thomas and I picked the first ripe strawberries this week. It made us so happy to pull the beautiful red strawberries off the plants.

Although we did not get many strawberries, there were just enough for everyone to taste them. Very sweet!

While I was checking the strawberry patch, I decided to pull a few weeds. Ack! Pulling weeds is a never ending chore. Anyway, I pulled a weed that was very close to a young strawberry plant, and the entire plant came out with the weed. To our surprise and Tom's delight, there was a big worm, so we spent a few minutes checking him out before putting him and the plant back into the ground.

This week I added pepper plants, a tomato plant, and cucumber plants to the garden boxes. 

I need to add a few more cucumber plants and an eggplant. I would love to add summer squash, but I get terrible squash bugs. They are very frustrating!

Happy gardening! 
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