Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Yarn Along

I am currently knitting the back of the vest for my nephew and a wash cloth for a friend, but my colorful scarf is on hold until these projects are completed.

I finished reading Finding Grace, and I loved it! I wrote a little more about it in this post.

I am listening to The Inn At Eagle Point, written by Sherryl Woods, on my ipod while I knit. I had an itunes gift card, so I went in search of a fun and light story to keep my mind entertained while my hands are busy with needles and yarn. The setting  of The Inn At Eagle Point is the Chesapeake Bay, an area near and dear to me, and the price was affordable, so I thought I would give it a try. Well, the story has been light, but fun, not so much. I have a little more than five hours left of listening time, but I plan to stick with it. Hopefully, it will improve.

 On my night stand are The Sewing Book and Sew This! Skirts. I can sew on a button and I can cross stitch, but that is about all I can do with a needle, thread, and fabric. Currently, I am attempting to hand sew a liner for a bag I felted several months ago. My sister-in-law has very generously let me borrow her sewing machine. It has been sitting untouched for about a month in my dining room. It scares me! I hope to conquer my fear soon. Eventually, I hope that I will be able to gain enough sewing knowledge to sew a skirt or two.

Joining Ginny and the other talented ladies that link-up for Yarn Along. 
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