Friday, June 7, 2013

7 Quick Takes vol 3

1. It is birthday season at my house. Tom's birthday starts it off on June 2nd. Holden's birthday follows on June 11th, and Ralph's birthday finishes it on July 1st. Plus, one our nephew's birthday is on June 24th, and we celebrate my sister-in-law Emily's "Gotcha Day" is on June 23rd. Emily is my husband's youngest sister.

We are all party, party, party up in here.

Emily, June 2013

2. Speaking of "Gotcha Day," it has come to my attention that people in adoptive families have mixed feelings about the term "Gotcha." It appears that some people feel that "Gotcha" cheapens the meaning of the special adoption day. That came as a shock to me because it has always been such a happy day for our family. We celebrate together with a song and cake. It is a fun time full of love.

 3. Chris has two adopted sisters. They are both adopted from China. Abby is older than Emily by four years. Chris and I had already been a couple for four years when Abby was adopted, and by the time Emily came home, we were married and Holden was three years old. My boys have been raised with their Aunts, and they are great friends. The boys know that they are not allowed to call the girls Aunt Abby and Aunt Emily. The girls are very against the title of Aunt.
Abby and me, August 2012
4. Chris and I are driving to Fredericksburg, Virginia in a couple weeks for the National Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool conference. This will be the first time that Chris will attend a homeschool conference. I went to the National IHM conference last year and had a wonderful time. I am so excited that Chris will be there with me this year. We are staying overnight, so we can be there both days. It is not too far of a drive for us, but it is just far enough that staying at a hotel makes sense. Plus, it is just nice to have some time away as a couple. 

5. The beautiful Grace at Camp Patton just celebrated her three year blog anniversary, and she asked her readers to link-up their favorite posts from their own blogs. I joined the fun with this post from 2011, Back to school
Picture from the Back to school post

6. I am sure you have heard but in case you haven't, another beautiful blogger, Dwija at House Unseen. Life Unscripted needs our prayers. You can read about Dwija and her sweet baby here.

7. I want to talk about comments for a minute. I have been trying to make time to respond to almost all of my comments on the blog, but that is not working well because I can not always find the time to sit down at the computer. I know that it is popular to respond to comments by email, and I am all for it, but I have not been very good at it. I have a smart phone that doesn't always act very smartly, and I lose it in my house a lot. Also, a little part of me always wondered if any of the nice people who have commented even wanted me to respond to them with an email. But then I love to get replies to my comments in my inbox, so I am sure other people do as well. Plus, the people that would rather not get comments in their inbox are most likely the people that do not have their comments linked to their email. Anyway, I love getting comments, so I am going to make a better effort to respond to comments. Starting now, I am going to reply to all the comments I can through email, and then I will respond to <no comment blogger> in the blog post. I know this is like a big "duh, that is the easiest way" moment, but I am a little slow sometimes Now, I just need to not lose my phone!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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  1. I'm still debating going to the IHM conference with my husband... We'd have to bring the babies and figure out something to do with the big kids - have you been before? Would you recommend it for people who haven't actually started homeschooling yet? We're not too far away, but I wish they had kept it in Chantilly!


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