Friday, July 5, 2013

July Skirt Challenge

Rosie at A blog for my Mom wrote about her mom style and her decision go pants free for the month of July. She asked if anyone wanted to join her little experiment. I decided it would be a great way for me to make some decisions about the feelings that I have been wrestling with about my body and my wardrobe.

I will start by telling you that I love skirts. When we came back to the Church almost ten years ago, I wore only skirts for many years. I got away from wearing skirts about three years ago when I started losing the weight from second and third pregnancies. At that time, I received hand me downs from friends that were mostly pants and shorts. 

Eventually, my weight-loss stopped, and I started picking up new pieces to add my wardrobe. It has been difficult to find skirts that fit both my body and my budget. It has been easier to find pants and shorts that fit my budget, but not my body.  That is my biggest problem. My interesting "mom shape." My large babies, 70 pound weight gain, and three C-sections have ruined my belly. I am going to wrote more about my shape and the way clothes fit me next week.

I knew I wanted to join Rosie, but my warm weather skirt collection is very small. Then I remembered that I had placed a few larger skirts, left over from my heavier days, in my maternity clothes storage. I pulled them out of storage, and I am going to try to make them work for me. I may need to alter them. Now is the perfect time to figure out how to use a sewing machine. While I am working through all my thoughts on skirts, pants, and my body, my goal is to avoid purchasing new skirts. No promises, though, I may break down, and take a quick trip to the thrift shop.

This is my wardrobe for the month of July. I have six skirts in white cotton, black jean, blue jean, cotton twill, and two printed rayon. I have twelve t-shirts in a happy assortment of colors. Also, I have several sundresses that I wear when I am home, but I never wear them in public. They have thinner straps, and that is not my going out style. I would love to have lighter feeling cotton skirts to replace my jean skirts because they are so heavy in the hot weather. Although, I am sure that I can make due with what I have.

 I plan to wear skirts every day, except for when I am being active and need to wear sneakers. I refuse to wear skirts and sneakers at the same time! By active, I mean working out, running, and hiking. I do not mean cleaning and gardening because I know I can do those things while wearing sundresses.

So far, I am happy with my skirts. I feel feminine and put together.

Look for an update next week!  


  1. Wow look at all those beautiful colors! I'm excited to see your outfits - my closet is pretty monochromatic these days :)

    1. I buy a variety of affordable v-neck t-shirts every Spring. I wear them so often that they are worn out by the end of the summer and need to be replaced.


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