Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Off Of The Needles

I finished the Garden Trellis Dress.  I think this is a great little dress. I will definitely knit another one.

I had some trouble with the chart for the diamond eyelet. I was reading the chart like the dress was knit flat instead of in the round, and I did not realize my mistake until I was finished the first two rows of diamonds! Even though I had figured out my mistake, I decided that I was going to leave the diamonds out of the dress and just knit the dress in stockinette stitch until the yoke. It was totally my mistake, and not the pattern!

I used Patons Stretch Sock yarn for this dress. I like this yarn. I am sure it is great for socks, but it wasn’t the best yarn for this project. I used it because I had it in my stash.  I am trying to knit exclusively from my stash right now.
Also, my gauge was off a little. I think I will knit the dress again with size 5 needles.
The next time I knit this dress, I will use a different yarn and knit the diamond eyelets.
Overall, I am happy with this little dress. I hope my friend is, too! 

Also, I finished knitting the Modern Cabled Baby Bib. I love this little bib. I modified the bib, following another knitter's notes on Ravelry, because I do not enjoy knitting large amounts of seed stitch. I knit the seed stitch as a border and knit stockinette stitch on the interior. I finished the bib with a pink ladybug button. I think it is cute!

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