Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yarn Along

I just cast on the back of my Super Simple Baby Tunic

As the name suggests, this is super simple to knit. It could easily be completed in a day. I wish I had a day to devote to it!

I finished reading Strange Gods. I really liked it. Now, I am reading a book that my fourteen year old sister-in-law, Emily, asked me to read. Rebel Spirit, written by Lois Ruby, is a ghost story. It is about a teenage girl and the ghost of a Civil War soldier joining together to solve the mystery of his murder. Fun, light reading!
Joining Ginny and the other talented ladies that Yarn Along!


  1. That looks like a really fun pattern to knit. I like baby knits because they are so quick. I don't have kids yet but it's fun to tuck knits away in my hope chest. My LYS just got in some new DK yarn so maybe I'll knit this with that.

  2. there is something about stripes that makes me love a project! great pattern and love the colors!!

  3. This looks so great! I love the colors. :) I'm a beginner in the knitting department, but I can't wait until I am at your skill level.

    The book sounds interesting,too.

    -stopping by from Ginny's link up.


  4. I love stripes. This is a great pattern.
    Have a lovely week.

  5. You are really, REALLY inspiring me to learn how to knit, with these adorable garments for wee ones. I seriously might take it up!

    1. And the book sounds like perfect summer reading. I'm intrigued.


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