Saturday, August 10, 2013

July Skirt Challenge Update

Pants free for a month? Maybe not! 

The July skirt challenge started with this post. In it, I mentioned that I used to weigh 70 pounds* heavier than I do now. Below is photographic evidence.

The picture on the left is from June 2009. The picture on the right is from June 2013.

As I mentioned in the original post, my summer skirt collection is small, and I forgot to get a picture of each of my outfits. You may have seen some of them before in my What I Wore Sunday posts.

Below are two more pictures of outfits that I wore for the July skirt challenge, but I never posted them. As you can see, in the third picture I am not wearing a skirt. On the afternoon of July 21, Chris asked me if I wanted to go to the hardware store with him. I said yes, but first, I needed to change. That morning after Mass, I had changed into one of my summer dresses. They are cute dresses, but I do not wear them outside of my home. When I entered my closet, I had a moment of panic, followed by a desire to break my own self-imposed rules, so I grabbed the closest t-shirt and shorts to me. That was it for the July skirt challenge!

What I learned during my 21 days of being pants free was that I don't feel 100 percent happy in anything I wear. I go back and forth between feeling happy with my weight loss, and then being sad that I have not lost more weight. Pants do not fit right. Skirts do not fit right. My body has been used and sometimes abused by me. It has bumps and lumps and bags. Some of these things can only be fixed with surgery, and I am just not going to do that anytime soon. Maybe never.

I still love wearing skirts. I have been wearing them about three days a week since July 21. I know that I will continue to wear them regularly. I hope to add a couple new skirts and a few pairs of warm tights to my wardrobe this fall, too.

Rosie, thanks for suggesting going pants free for the month of July. I realized a couple things about myself along the way, and that is always a good thing.

* I lost my weight by following the Weight Watchers program, running, and workout DVDs.


  1. I think you are darn cute! It is hard for us to see ourselves how others see us (which is often more positively than we think). Be proud of yourself! :)

  2. Erica, you look wonderful! And don't feel too bad about not being able to stick to the challenge. I keep telling myself I'm going to give up pants forever...but I do about as well as when I give up treats for Lent. I always go back!

    You should be so proud of losing--and keeping off--the weight. I know none of us are ever completely happy with our bodies, but you really do look great. Believe it. :)

    1. Thanks, Laura. I really thought that I would stick with going pants free forever after this challenge. I was pants free for a couple years, and I loved it. I think they are comfortable and easy to wear, but I think I need to figure out what style of skirt looks the best with my current shape. Then I can build up my wardrobe with skirts that make me feel confident - not frumpy!

  3. I think you are just a doll, seriously. A true beauty. I hadn't heard of the skirt challenge, interesting though. I've got like 3 skirts since I'm just picky on fit and don't do well putting outfits together I guess. Some day I hope to write a blog post about my lack of feeling comfortable in my own skin. Mostly to point out that now at my smallest weight/size ever, even pre-kids, I still see myself a couple sizes bigger than I actually am. I thought being a smaller size would make me instantly feel better when I shop and when I get dressed, but I have learned it's not necessarily the case. I would echo Hope that it's just hard for us to see ourselves how others see us. Keep up the good work and you really do look gorgeous.

    1. Sarah, I know exactly what you mean. While I am not as small as I am sure I could be, I am at a comfortable, healthy weight. Physically I feel great, but wearing clothes can be so frustrating sometimes! Thank you so much for your kind comment. :)

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  5. You look awesome! We are always our own worst critics...I don't think anyone is really, truely happy with their body, but honestly, you really do look awesome (and you have great hair...I've always wanted super curly hair like that!).


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