Saturday, September 7, 2013

Our schoolroom

We keep all of our curriculum and school supplies in the room that should be our home's formal dining room. Most of the furniture is old. We have collected many of the pieces through the years from our family and friends. Our schoolroom is not pretty, but we love it!

An old family friend gave us the cabinet and the short bookcase. In the cabinet, we keep all of our coloring books, crayons, colored pencils, and paints. On the top of the cabinet, we keep things like our boys' First Holy Communion mementos, our rosaries, prayer cards, and small statues and pictures. We bought the large bookcase nine years ago when we started homeschooling Holden. It is hard to believe that one bookcase was all we needed to hold all of our school supplies and important books. Now, we have small bookcases in each bedroom and several in the schoolroom.

 The small white cabinet was originally in my great-grandmother's kitchen. We keep some of our games in it. It really needs to be painted again. I am thinking about painting it a fun color. Any suggestions? Friends of ours gave us the bookcase and our white board. We love our white board and use it all of the time.

Our globe and the wall map of the world are the two most used items in our schoolroom. We purchased them at a craft store. We bought our computer desk new, and it is fifteen years old. The small cabinets are from Target. We keep important papers, pictures and craft items in them.

Chris's parents gave us the television hutch. It holds our current school year curriculum, extra notebooks, and board games. The cabinet on top of it is part of an antique Hoosier cabinet. The bottom of the Hoosier cabinet fell apart several years ago, but the top portion is still very sturdy. We keep books, Band-Aids, bubbles, and finger paints in it.

Also, Tom has several of his K'NEX pieces on display in our schoolroom.

A schoolroom is not necessary to homeschool successfully, but we are thankful to have this space for school work in our home. Also, the boys will take their school work to their bedrooms and the family room some days.

By the way, we do have a formal dining room in our home. We knew that we wanted a formal dining room and a schoolroom. The obvious room that we did not need was a formal living room because we already had two rooms with couches in them. However, we did not want the schoolroom to be the first room that our guests see when they visit our home. We decided to put the schoolroom next to the kitchen, and the dining room next to the front door.

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