Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yarn Along

Currently, I have three projects and three books going. I think that it is time to finish at least one project and one book!

I have been knitting my stash blanket and my baby alpaca scarf. I hope to finish both of them soon, but I have spent some of my precious free time on one of my old hobbies, cross stitch. When I was a pre-teen, my Aunt Terri taught me how to cross stitch. I enjoyed it for many years, but I stopped cross stitching shortly after I gave birth to my first son. For many years, I have kept my cross stitching supplies in a tote because I could not part with them. I pulled the tote out of the basement two weeks ago, and I found a little project to start. I have been so happy stitching!

I am still reading Way to Happiness and A Girl of the Limberlost, and they are both such enjoyable books. I have added a new book to my Kindle, Unglued, and I like it, too.

Yarn Along is hosted by Ginny at Small Things.


  1. I love those colors together. I used to cross stitch till my eyes got too old to focus! Thank goodness for knitting.

  2. Your knitting projects are lovely. And I thought I was the only person who had two or three books going at once! I like it best when I'm just reading one...but I do find myself juggling sometimes. :)

  3. I like the pattern on the scarf. It almost looks like cable knit.

  4. I love stash blankets and afghans!


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