Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol.9), from bad to good

1. Last week, I went to see my doctor for my yearly check up. I explained to her some issues that I have been experiencing at different times during the month. Because of my polycystic ovary syndrome and medical history, she has scheduled me for an endometrial biopsy in two weeks. I have had one before. The results indicated a thickening and polyps, so I needed surgery. I am dreading this biopsy, so would you mind praying for me?

2. Earlier this week I forgot to pay a bill. The only bill that I am in charge of paying. Of course, I beat myself up about forgetting to pay it!

3. I decided I needed to clear my head with a run. Instead of listening to my usual Florence and the Machine Lungs or Mary J. Blige What's the 411 I decided to listen to Audrey Assad. I set my ipod to shuffle through her newest album, Fortunate Fall. The first song to play was Good To Me. Yes, He is good to me even when I am not kind to me. My run helped to lift my mood.

4. Then Holden received his acceptance letter to college. That brightened my day even more.

5. After dinner, I made gluten free banana bread from Elisabeth Hasselbeck's cookbook, Deliciously G-Free: Food So Flavorful They'll Never Believe It's Gluten-Free. Chris said that it was the yummiest banana bread recipe I have ever made. I was glad that he enjoyed it so much.

6. Then I found a box of instant vanilla pudding in my pantry that I must of bought for a recipe but never used. I made it for the boys as a special treat. They loved it, and Ralph asked me what the deliciousness on his spoon was called. Ha!

jello instant pudding = deliciousness on a spoon

7. This morning was Bible study with two of my best friends. Spending time with great friends discussing the Bible always help me feel better. I am still not looking forward to the biopsy, but I am going to continue to pray about it. I appreciate all of your prayers.

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  1. Praying for you!!

    I love "deliciousness on a spoon." I'm stealing that saying and planning to use it around here. :)

    (And I just saw the review you posted on Amazon--thank you for that!)

    1. Thank you for your prayers.

      Deliciousness on a spoon is my new favorite saying. He sounded so cute when he said it.

      My pleasure! I am sorry it took me so long to write the review!

  2. I'll keep you in my prayers too. And Ralph is so funny. I love that kid!

  3. We are huge fans of the new Audrey Assad around here, and Good To Me is probably my favorite...along with I Shall Not Want. I am also going to be borrowing Ralph's phrasing for personal use. I hope there are no royalties! :)

    1. Ha! You can use Ralph's as often as you want, free of charge!


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