Friday, February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol. 11)

1. If you are a homeschooling mother that worries if you are teaching your children everything they need to know, I hope you find comfort in the following story. It is proof that your time is not wasted and that all your hard work is worth it.
Truly, I believe that God has planned for me to homeschool my children. There have been several times in the last nine years that I have prayed about putting my children in school. Some days (months) it is hard, but there are far more good days, and we continue to move forward. Holden spent his first three years of schooling (kindergarten through second grade) at a small Christian school. When we returned to the Catholic Church, Chris and I moved him over to public school for third grade. It wasn't until fourth grade that he came home to be educated. Holden has always been a bright boy, an avid reader and a great communicator. He gets good grades in all of his subjects except English. Imagine my distress. I have a love for English (in spite of my hastily written blog posts with their glaring mistakes), and I have always taken the teaching of it very seriously. Honestly, I knew that he would pass the English portion of his college entrance exam, but I had my doubts about how well he would pass. He took the test this week and passed. Not only did he pass, he was one point away from testing into honors English. The good news does not stop there. When he went over his test results with the counselor, she encouraged him to take 16 credits his first semester because she felt confident that he could handle it. She told him that she usually does not encourage new students to take more than 12 credits their first semester.
I was bursting with joy when he told me. Now I know he was listening to me all these years!


Last week, my friend Sandra and her husband flew into Baltimore, and Chris and I had the pleasure of picking them up to bring them back to Delaware. They have been living in Hawaii for two years, and they will be there for another year before the Air force moves them again. Sandra and I met in our homeroom class in the sixth grade. We found out that we were both being raised by our grandparents, and coincidentally, our grandparents were almost exactly the same age. This year our grandmothers turn 90 years old, and she flew home to celebrate with her "mother".
At the airport, her husband pulled a huge suitcase behind him and said, "This one is going to your house." Sandra brought five Hot Wheels tracks home with her for Thomas and Ralph. When she brought them to the house, she got on the floor with the boys and spent two hours helping them set up the race tracks. She made the boys day!


Also, Sandra gave each of the boys a Kendama. We had not heard of them before. She told us that there are Kendama competitions in Hawaii. Also, the kids play a game that is similar to the basketball game HORSE. The boys have had a blast playing with them. Chris and I like them, too. The boys Kendamas have the Hawaiian Islands painted on the ball. Amazon sells them is different in colors and with painted faces. This one has a sour face, Kaleb Kendama With Green Sour Face Ball And Extra String.


Sandra's birthday is in March, so I gave her her birthday present while she was visiting. I made her a bird's nest necklace with silver plated components and two freshwater pearls, a bracelet made with polished shells and silver components, and a pair of earrings Swarovski teardrop pendants.

5. We had a storm come through early Friday afternoon. Our trampoline no longer looks like the fun bouncing equipment in the next picture.

It now looks like this!

Thankfully, it didn't do too much damage as it blew out of our yard and into an empty field. It clipped the side of our SUV and my sister-in-law's minivan. Once we realized that it had blown away, Chris and Holden went out in the rain to bring back the trampoline remains. They got soaked!


We had beautiful weather on Sunday. It was warm and sunny. It made me excited about being able to work in my garden soon. Ralph enjoyed playing outside with his cousin Chris. Monday morning we awoke to a cold temperature and snow.

7. I got two new book this week.

My sister-in-law, Emily, asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor and brought me this book. I was not expecting her to ask me, so I happily told her yes.

A Little Book about Confession for Children arrived in the mail this week. Kendra of Catholic All Year is the author. In my opinion, it is the best book that have read about Confession for children. It is written in plainly spoken truth and full of lovely little illustrations. It is a must have for Catholic families with young children!

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