Monday, February 24, 2014

No More Waiting

 At the beginning of this year, I wrote about my word of the year, fearless. This post is one of my journal entries. Sharing it here on my blog is a step towards becoming fearless. 

I feel small, insignificant. I go about my day, all the time waiting to become someone. Who? I do not know. I ask God to show me, to mold me. I want to be the woman God knows I can be. Who is she? What will I be when I become her?

I work as I wait. I take care of my house, my kids, my husband. I long for Christ. I want to be close to Him, but I think I am not ready. I need to do better, to be better. I think about the woman I already am, and I wonder why she is not good enough.

He made me; breathed life into me. He has loved me since forever. He is in me already, with me as I already am. I am the she that He wants me to be. Imperfect, yes, but perfectly loved. I am not small or insignificant. He has made me valuable. I am His work of art.

I will stop pushing Him away because if my insecurities. I will not let my fears control me, nor my doubts cloud my brain. I will start my day with confidence. I am important because He lives in me. I will love myself and others with the love He has given me. I will speak up, say what I am thinking, and no longer hide. I will hold my head high because He is with me.

The wait is over because that woman that I have been anticipating becoming, well, she was already me.

*Joining Jen at Conversion Diary this week for 7 posts in 7 days.* 


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