Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol.14)

1. Want to win a bracelet made by a Saint? The giveaway is open through Monday, March 31st.

2. Thanks for all of the kind comments. I am glad you like the bracelets. Several people suggested that I should start an Esty shop. My husband has encouraged me to open one as well, but then I start researching it and I feel overwhelmed and nervous. I guess I need to continue to pray about it.

3. I had my introductory meeting with a FertilityCare practitioner on Tuesday to learn Creighton. I will see her again in two weeks. I feel peaceful about my new doctor and now this FertilityCare practitioner. I liked my old doctor and would not have switched from her on my own. My need to find a new doctor as a result of my old doctor's move is an answer to prayer, but not the answer that I was asking for. God knew what I needed. He always does!

4. It snowed Tuesday night. Even though it looked pretty, I hope it was the last snow fall of the season. I am so ready for warm weather!

5. I am thinking about making these gluten free, grain free chocolate chip cookies. They are made with chickpeas. I have made brownies with black beans, and I liked them. The boys liked them, too. Although something feels off about a cookie with chickpeas. I will report back with the results.

6. A big thank you to the readers that clicked over to Amazon and made a purchase. I used my earnings to buy a book for Holden to read, Whatever Happened to Justice? (An Uncle Eric Book). It is the third book in the Uncle Eric series. He enjoys them. I have not read them yet. I plan to read them this summer. Cathy Duffy gives them a glowing review.

7. There was a little money left over, so I combined it with my money to buy The Temperament God Gave Your Kids: Motivate, Discipline, and Love Your Children. I heard Laraine Bennett speak at a homeschool conference about this book, and I added it to my wishlist. My three boys have very different personalities. One of my sons is more emotional, with a more gloomy outlook than his brothers. Recently, his mood seems even more down than usual, and I am at a loss as to how to handle his attitude. I hope this book gives me some insight on the best way to talk to him. I do not think he is depressed. Honestly, he probably just needs more exercise outside and to feel the sun on his skin. Thankfully, soccer season is starting now, and the weather will warm up, so we can have more park days with our homeschool group.

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