Saturday, March 1, 2014

Baby Names

I am joining the Baby Names link-up at Team Whitaker. Kathryn has an inspiring blog. Please visit Team Whitaker to read more. 

Christopher Holden is our oldest. Christopher is my husband's middle name, but it is the name his parents called him. It all started with Chris's father. His name is Donald Phillip. His father is Donald, so my father-in-law is Phil to his family and friends. When Chris's parents had him, they named him Phillip Christopher and decided to call him Chris. When Chris and I started dating, Chris informed me that his son would be Christopher Holden. He would have Christopher to keep with the tradition of having the middle name of the father become the first name of the oldest son. Then referring to the son by his middle name. Is this making sense? Yea, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I was young and in love, so I agreed. He wanted to name him Holden because he liked the name when he read The Catcher in the Rye.

Thomas Phillip is our second son. Chris and I could not agree on a name for him. Chris wanted to name him Abraham, but I wanted to name him Luke. Holden asked us to name him Tommy, and since we liked the name Thomas, we did. Phillip is after my father-in-law and my husband. We realized later that Thomas is a family name on my Father-in-law's side of the family, but we didn't know that when we agreed on the name.

Ralph Clements is our third son. He is named after two of his great-grandfathers, both excellent men. Ralph was my mother-in-law's father. Unfortunately, he never got to meet little Ralph. Clements was my grandfather. I am very thankful that my grandfather got to spend time with all of my children. Although, he never called Ralph by his first name. He always called him Clem.

If we are blessed with another son, I would like to name him Eric. After all, it would be nice to have one of our children named for me. If we are ever blessed with a daughter, I do not know how we will decide on a name. There are so many on our list! Some of my favorite girls names are Gemma, Charlotte, Agatha, Anne Marie, and Katherine.

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  1. I love your names, but especially Ralph. So cool! I love throwback names.

    1. Thank you. Upon hearing that our son's name is Ralph, there were several times when an older gentleman has told us about his childhood best friend named Ralph. Each time it was a delight to see the smile on their face as they remembered their old friend.

  2. I love Holden :-) I have also loved Holden Caulfield of the catcher in the rye and think it's a good choice.

    Boys are great, but hard to name. I have two. My husband and I hardly came to an agreement how to name the youngest.

    Like your blog and the last name :-)


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