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Oil Cleansing {Five Favorites}

When I was in the seventh grade, I developed acne. I was self-conscious about my acne, and I unsuccessfully tried to hide it with make-up. Finally, I visited a dermatologist my senior year of high school. His suggestion was Neutrogena face wash and no make-up, but if I must wear make-up then I should wear Clinique. Not exactly the advice I had anticipated.

I continued to suffer with acne as an adult. When I reached my twenty-fifth birthday, I no longer had patches of acne, but I continued to have occasional breakouts and excessively oily skin. By my thirty-fifth birthday, I was still dealing with blemishes, and I developed dry, itchy patches around my nose and on my chin. I tried almost every cleanser that could be bought at the store. I finally settled on a daily facial scrub with salicylic acid, and day moisturizer and a night cream, but my face always felt irritated.

One day a friend told me about how she had started cleansing with oil, and I was interested because oil is natural. I did my research, made my purchases, and started mixing oils in a small plastic travel bottle that I picked up at the store for under a dollar. I have been oil cleansing for over a year, and my face has never been better. My skin is clean and balanced.

1. Home Health - Castor Oil Cold Pressed and Cold Processed 8 fl. oz.   I use about two tablespoons of castor oil in my blend. Castor oil is a natural astringent. It works best for oily or combination skin types. Do not use it for very dry skin and never use it alone.

2. POMPEIAN OIL GRAPESEED 24 OZ   I use about 1/4 cup grape seed oil in my blend. Grape seed oil works well for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. It is high in antioxidants. It absorbs quickly into the skin, so it works well as a moisturizer, too.

3. NOW Foods Apricot Kernel Oil (Liquid), 16 oz   I use about 1/4 cup apricot oil in my oil blend. Apricot oil is gentle enough for all skin types, but it works best for oily skin because it is light and does not coat the skin.

4. NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil, 1-Ounce   I use one drop of tea tree oil in my blend. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, which make it a great choice for acne prone skin.

5. Bergamot Essential Oil. 10 ml. 100% Pure, Undiluted, Therapeutic Grade.   I use one drop of bergamot oil in my oil blend. Bergamot oil has antiseptic properties, so it works great for acne prone skin. Plus, it has a pleasant, uplifting citrus scent.

How I wash my face with oil

When my hands are dry, I squirt about a tablespoon of my oil blend in my palm. I rub my palms together, and then I rub the oil onto my dry face. Then I turn the hot water on, and once the water is hot I completely soak a washcloth with the hot water. Then I squeeze a little water out, and gentle scrub my face with the cloth. I rinse the cloth out, and then scrub my face one last time before drying it with a towel.

It is very simple. I have read suggestions about leaving the hot, wet washcloth on one's face for several minutes before starting to scrub, but I do not have time for that, nor do I think it is necessary.

Final thoughts

Usually, I do not need to use moisturizer because my skin is balanced now. If I notice that my chin is starting to feel a little dry, I will rub a little apricot oil into after I dry my skin off.

It may take several weeks to get your perfect oil blend. There are so many different oils to try. Avocado oil is very moisturizing, so it is great for dry skin. There are differing opinions on cleansing with coconut oil and olive oil. Some people love using them, but other people refuse to cleanse with them.

I do not clean my washcloths with my regular laundry. I have a hanging basket in my bathroom that I throw my washcloths into as I use them. Every week I wash a small load separately on a warm/warm cycle.

Give oil cleansing a try. I think you will love the way your skin looks and feels!

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  1. this is so interesting! thank you for sharing what you know about oils! I've been intrigued lately. I love Earl Grey tea so I bet I would love the bergamot oil!

  2. Hi! I'm Kate (here from Hallie's.) I love this. I'm a royal sucker for all this kind of stuff. I don't use OCM on the regular, but when I do I use a blend of castor oil and olive oil. I love the way my skin feels after. I only leave my hot washcloth on for a couple seconds and they are glorious...if short lived.

    1. Hi, Kate! Thanks for letting me know that you use olive oil. It surprised me when I read the mixed reviews about it. It is high in vitamin E, so it seems like it would be a good oil to use.

  3. This is really interesting! how long did it take you to get your blend perfected?

    1. It took several days. I used too much castor oil the first time I mixed up a blend. My skin still felt dry, so I used the grape seed as a moisturizer. My original blend was 1/2 cup castor oil, 1 cup grape seed oil, and ten drops of tea tree oil. After my first washing, I added another 1/2 cup grape seed oil to my blend, and that worked out much better. I did not experience a breakout when I started oil cleansing. Eventually, I added the apricot oil and the bergamot oil to my blend. I also realized that I prefer to mix it in much smaller amounts, so that is why my listed amounts above are less than my original blend.

  4. I use NOW's brand sweet almond oil to cleanse my face but now im wondering if I should try some different oils. I have always had very dry skin so after I clean it with oil and wash that off, I usually have to apply more oil to moisturize. I use coconut oil sometimes and argan oil at other times. What do you think would be the most moisturizing? (I wouldn't dare use tea tree or castor because im already SO dry.)

    1. Hi Sarah, I think avocado oil and macadamia nut oil would be good to try. They are both highly moisturizing, but lighter in weight than coconut oil so they will not feel heavy. I use argan oil in my hair regularly, but I am not a fan of it on my skin, but it is considered being beneficial to the skin.

    2. Thanks Erica! I have never considered either of those oils but I will try them out very soon. :) I always thought coconut oil was too light, haha. Also responded to your comment on my blog, thanks for stopping by! :)

  5. Wow! I have never heard of this before but it is pretty cool!


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