Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes (vol.15)

1. This morning the kids made Resurrection Eggs while at our homeschool group meeting. We brought twelve plastic eggs, and egg carton, and the small items to stick into the eggs. Then the children placed the items into the eggs as the Easter story was read aloud from the Bible by a parent. There are many versions of Resurrection Eggs on the internet. Below is the list that we used in our group.

egg 1- branches, read Mark 11:1-11

egg 2- three coins, read Luke 22:1-6

egg 3- soap and towel, read John 13:1-20

egg 4- feather or rooster, read Matthew 26:31-35

egg 5- twig with thorns, read Matthew 27:27-30

egg 6- cross, read John 19:16-17

egg 7- three nails, read John 19:18-22

egg 8- dice, read John 19:23-25

egg 9- sponge, read John 19:26-30

egg 10- spear, read John 19:31-37

egg 11- rock, read Luke 23:50-56

egg 12- empty, read Mathew 28:1-10

2. Earlier this week, Ralph and I spent a few hours in the garden. We cleared out the beds and planted onions and shallots.

3. While we were planting this cute guy popped up out of the soil.

4. Chris bought me a Lilla Rose Flexi-clip for my birthday. I have wanted one for awhile, but I was worried about how it would work with my hair. It is comfortable and holds my hair up great. I love it! We ordered it from Mandi Richards's Lilla Rose page.

5. Hey, let's discuss grammar real quick! Above I wrote "Mandi Richards's Lilla Rose website."  I wrote it like that because that is how I teach it to my boys. Easy Grammar tells me to teach it that way. Other grammar texts have taught it the same way, too.
Photo proof:

But all over the internet I see a lot of singular possessive nouns, such as Chris' car and Thomas' bike, written like plural possessive nouns. I think I was even taught to write them that way many years ago in school. I don't write them that way now because if I teach it to my children one way then I feel I need to do it that way.
How do you write it and/or teach it, and why do you do it that way?

6. Spring has arrived and brought with it daffodils and soccer.

7. I made the gluten-free, grain free cookies that I mentioned in my last quick takes.
They do not look yummy, but they are. Everyone in the family enjoyed them, but Chris commented that they could be a little bit sweeter. That man has a big sweet tooth. I thought they were just right.


  1. I thought you never doubled the s because it doesn't sound right? But I have no way to back my claim right now! :)

  2. I use one s. I don't remember any more what they taught us in journalism school in college, which surprises me. I enjoy grammar!


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