Monday, April 28, 2014

Becoming a Fascinating Woman

About three weeks ago, I wrote about the book Fascinating Womanhood and how it helped me to be a better wife. You can read it here.

Fascinating Womanhood, written in 1963 by Helen B. Andelin, teaches every woman how to lovingly support her husband and in turn, gain his respect and admiration so that they will have a romance that lasts a lifetime.

From the back of the book: 

Fascinating Womanhood offers guidance for a new generation of women - happy, fulfilled, adored, and cherished - who want to rediscover the magic of their own feminine selves. 

Previously, I mentioned that it had been awhile since I read the book, so I decided to read it again. I am not reading it in the order that it was written because I feel like there are areas that I need to refresh myself with more than others. I started rereading the last section of the book that discusses becoming more childlike. 

In the introduction to childlikeness, Ms. Andelin quotes Matthew 18:3. Then she writes that a woman should learn to manage difficulties and problems with her spouse (the times when she feels insulted, neglected, hurt or disappointed) with a childlike response: quick to respond, honest, out-spoken, but charming and amusing at the same time. Also, a woman should be quick to forgive and never hold a grudge. Her responses should be free of bitterness, sarcasm, and hate. 

From the introduction to becoming childlike: 

Up to now I have suggested you do a lot of giving- accept your husband's weaknesses, appreciate him, admire him, make him your number one, honor his leadership, and be an ideal wife. Childlikeness is a balance to this. Now the concern is with you, your needs and feelings, your moments of pain. You learn to handle these moments in a way to preserve your self-dignity, to keep from feeling like a doormat. In so doing you command his respect, his tenderness, and his love. This adds a new dimension to your relationship, a new ingredient to your love. It takes the thorns out of the marriage and makes it fun. 
Childlikeness is one of the most charming traits taught in Fascinating Womanhood. It is the spice and spark of the subject and keeps the angelic side from becoming cloysome. Men love this trait in women. It amuses and fascinates them because it is a contrast to their masculine strength.

I must admit that when I first read the book, I was not sure that I could become childlike. In many ways, I am still not childlike. That is why I decided to reread this section of the book first. 

There are two main childlike traits that Ms. Andelin suggests that all women should employ: childlike anger and childlike responses.

Are you interested in reading Fascinating Womanhood and learning more? I hope so! 
If you have read the book, I would love to know your opinion of childlikeness. Do you express childlike anger and do you respond to your husband in a childlike way? 

Stop by next Monday to discuss childlike anger. What do you think childlike anger looks like? Here's a hint: stomping your foot, pouting, and tossing your curls back are just a few of the many ways a woman can express childlike anger! 

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  1. I might have to read this one. I think I would annoy the heck out of my husband if I stomped my feet and pouted!


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