Friday, April 4, 2014

My Answers to Eleven Questions

The lovely Kendra of Catholic All Year was nominated for a Liebster Award. She turned the Award into a fun link-up, so I am joining her. 

Here are her questions with my answers:

1. Where do you live? And why do you live there?

I live in Delaware. I was born here, and I like it here. 

July 2006

2. What's are you currently watching and/or reading?

I am on season seven of The X-Files. I watch it while I knit in the evenings. The boys and I just finished watching Avonlea. We have been getting the DVDs from Netflix for several months. We enjoyed them very much. I am currently reading The Temperament God Gave Your Kids: Motivate, Discipline, and Love Your Children and Beautiful Babies: Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy, Breast-feeding, and Baby's First Foods

3. What kind of Catholic are you: cradle, or convert? (Or considering?)

I am a Cradle Catholic, but I left the Church when I was in my early twenties. I attended a non-denominational church for several years before finally coming back to the Catholic Church about ten years ago. 

4. Can you point to one moment or experience that made you a practicing Catholic? (Or want to be?)

My re-conversion experience was amazing. There isn't just one moment, but many little ones.  

July 4, 2007

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

I have 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of running shoes, 2 pairs of sandals, 4 pairs of wedges, 4 pairs of heels, and 9 pairs of flats. 

6. Are you a good dancer?

No. I love to dance, but I only dance in my house.

7. Who usually drives, you or your husband?

Chris always drives. I like it that way! 

8. What's your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

I love all the major holidays, but if I have to choose one, I guess I will choose the 4th of July. Chris loves the 4th of July, and I love how excited he gets about it. We usually go to the park, grill on our little camp grill, take a nature walk, and then wait to watch the fireworks. Several times we have driven to Washington, D.C., but it is very crowded, so I prefer going to a local park.  

July 4, 2007

9. Which is correct? Left or right?


10. Do you have any scars?

I have lots of scars. There are acne scars on my face, a scar on my knee from a roller skating accident, multiple burn scars on my arms from when I had to work the oven at my Aunt's deli, and c-section scars. 

11. What's the most famous thing you've ever done? 

Start this blog? I have never done anything famous, I guess. Ha!

Summer 2009

That was fun! Kendra wrote, "Didn't get tagged? Doesn't matter. Play along and link up your post! Don't have a blog? That doesn't matter either! Everything's made up! Answer in the comments." 

I hope you decide to join the fun! I am looking forward to reading your answers, especially the one about the shoes. 


  1. The Temperament God Gave you was a huge revelation to me, but I haven't read the kids one. Have you read both? Are they different?

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. I have not read both. I was reading through the reviews on Amazon to determine if I needed to read both books. I came across a somewhat negative review that suggested that the kids book was just a repeat of information and accused the authors of trying to make more money. Well, Laraine Bennett responded with such a positive response, explaining that the kids book does have some repetitive information but since it was written six years after the first that it also contained new studies and stories, and she felt "the third books is one of their best." That is why I decided to read only The Temperament God Gave Your Kids.

  2. Is that Ralph in the last picture?


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