Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Perfect Day, Home, Health, Clothes {a Liebster}

Amelia at One Catholic Mama tagged me for a Liebster. I have read the Liebster called an online game and likened to an online chain letter. Overall, it is a way to share information. It's a bit of fun!

Here are my answers to Amelia's questions.

1. Describe your perfect day.

Hiking one of the many trails off of Skyline Drive in Virginia with my family. 

Spring 2011

2. What type of house do you live in (ie. ranch-style, two story, newer, older, condo, apartment, country city, townhouse, etc).

We live in a seven year old two story home in a neighborhood. 

Spring 2008

3. Do you know your neighbors and are you friends with them?

I know my neighbors, we are friendly, but we are not friends. They are older with adult children.

4. Did you go to college?  What for?

I did. I am a college dropout. Originally, I was accepted to Barton College with an academic scholarship, and I planned to major in deaf and hard of hearing education. Eventually, I decided to stay home and attend a local community college. It was the right thing to do, as Chris had decided last minute not to go to the University of Alabama to stay home and attend a local university. I went for almost a full semester, but working full-time, no set major and a very serious relationship all made it easy for me to walk away without any regrets. 

5. Name one weird thing about your house?

I don't think there is anything weird about my house. 

6. Have you ever had a serious illness or disease?

No. I have had a few infections that needed antibiotics. I think that is normal for most people. 

7. Ever almost died?

No. I have been in several car accidents, but thankfully they were not too serious. 

8. On a lighter note, do you prefer silence or the noise of something (TV, radio, music)?

I enjoy silence, but I also enjoy music and audio books, so it depends on my mood.

9. What color are your walls?

Most of them are a light beige color or off white. The morning room is pumpkin orange, Thomas and Ralph's bedroom is a grey green, the spare bedroom (or boy cave as we call it) is light blue, and the powder room is a deep blue. Every room, except the boy's bedroom and the boy cave, needs to be repainted. 

Summer 2009

10. Do you like where you live?

Yes. Before we had this house built, we lived in the country on a narrow lot in a small, hundred year old farmhouse. I liked living in the country, but the house had so many issues, despite all of the renovating we did to it. 

Our old house 2006

11. What type of clothing do you typically wear?  Bonus points if you include a picture!

Bonus points for pictures? Sounds good to me! It is funny that I am posting so many pictures of my outfits these days, when I have I put on so much weight. Oh well, this blog is about my life, and I am carrying an extra 25 to 30 pounds (depends on the day and time), so if you see me then you see the weight, too! Here are several outfits that I wore recently to various places. 

Now it is time for me to ask questions and tag people. I understand that not everyone likes to write this kind of post, so if you do not want to play along that is fine with me.

I tag Elise at In Endless Song, Sarah at Basic Ingredients, Cecilia at Catholic Fit Mom For Life, and Divina at Beauty of the Picture Book.

My questions:

1. How old were you when you first learned how to read?

2. What was your favorite book when you were ten years old? 

3. What was your favorite song when you were thirteen years old? 

4. Which do you prefer to watch Star Wars or Star Trek?

5.  Do you know what fictional character felt " thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread" and do you ever feel that way?

6. Do you prefer heels or flats? 

7. What is the craziest color that you have dyed your hair? 

8. If someone gave you $1000 and told you had two hours to spend it (but not to pay your bills) what would you buy? 

9. If you had to choose between fighting an alien or a zombie, which one would you pick? 

10. Who is the better cook you or your husband? 

11. What is your favorite prayer? 

If I didn't tag you, but you want to answer the questions, please do! Just leave me a comment because I want to read your answers. Thanks! 


  1. We love hiking too..so your #1 is perfect!

    Your house looks beatiful (from the outside...I"m sure the inside is beautiful too!)

    I love your outfits..especially your soccer mom outfit and your "around the house" outfit. I wish I looked as good, around the house.

    1. Thanks, Amelia. The sweater that I am wearing is very old, faded and has a small hole, but it is very soft! I wear it about three days a week! Ha! The sweater in the grocery shopping picture is similar, but not as soft. And I love yoga pants, so I wear them around the house all the time. I never wear them in public though!


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