Saturday, May 31, 2014

Working Hard, Weeds, Stumbling {7 Quick Takes}

1. I have been trying to write my Quick Takes all day, but I am distracted. I had a Quick Takes post this week to go along with my word for the year, fearless. That post will have to wait until next week. Right now all I have time to post is a bunch of pictures and a couple of links.

2. Earlier this week I wrote about the changes that I have made to the blog. Since then I added social media buttons. They are free and there is a little video that you can watch that explains how to add them. Nice!

3. A couple days ago, Chris and Ralph built a new roof for the swing set. Ralph was very excited to help his dad.

All they have left to do is stain it.

4. My garden is a hot mess. I ignored while I was spending my days at the hospital and the hospice center with my grandmother. It is full of weeds, the bulbs of my onions are not developing, little green worms are eating my kale, and bunnies are eating my swiss chard. It is sad. I hope to spend some time in it this weekend.

5. I purchased a new poetry book for the boys with the gift card I earned through the Amazon Associates program. Thank you for supporting this blog. I appreciate it.

A Child's Introduction to Poetry: Listen While You Learn About the Magic Words That Have Moved Mountains, Won Battles, and Made Us Laugh and Cry  (affiliate link)

 6. I started running again this week. Gone are the days of the nice, relaxing run. I don't see myself running 4 to 6 miles anytime soon. The first time I was only able to run through one song. The second time I ran through three songs. And by run, I mean stumbled. But I must admit that it felt good to move. 

7.  I enjoyed Kelly's post about finding homeschool community. I am very thankful for the wonderful families in my small support group. They are such a blessing to me and my boys. 

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  1. I am looking for a good homeschool group to join. What does your group meet to do?

    1. We meet once a month on the basement of a local Catholic Church. We meet for rosary, age appropriate bible study and crafts, snacks, and outdoor sports, like kickball. We meet sporadically for park day and field trips. This upcoming school year we will meet two days a week in the basement of the church because we feel like once a month is not enough. We are looking into starting Blue Knights and Little Flower groups. During the summer, we try to meet at the rectory pool or a local beach for swimming. I hope you find a great group!


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