Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fall in Love With Knitting {Five Favorites}

In February of 2011, I taught myself how to knit after years of wishing I knew how to knit. In the beginning, I knit lots of scarves and dishcloths. Then I knit a small baby sweater, before moving on to mittens and hats, and adult sized cardigans. Scarves and baby sweaters are still my favorite items to knit.

It was challenging, teaching myself how to knit without someone sitting next to me showing me the way. There were a few times that I totally wanted to give up, for good. But it wasn't impossible, and I am glad that I kept at it. 

Do you want to know how to knit? Here is a list of my favorite resources for beginner knitters. I have listed a few more than five, but once I started I just had to add them. Forgive me? I hope you find the list helpful! All of the links to Amazon are Amazon Associates links,  and if you click on them and make a purchase I receive a few pennies. Thanks for your support!

1. Resources on the Web: I think the best videos to learn how to knit on the internet are at Ravelry is a great resource for free knitting patterns, and there are forums where you can ask questions although I have never used them. Craftsy has a great tutorial on how to read yarn labels, which you must know if you want your knitting to look like the pattern example. 

2. Helpful  Books:  Stitch 'n Bitch: The Knitter's Handbook is the first book that I bought when I was first learning how to knit. I still thumb through it occasionally now. Debbie Stoller tells her knitting story and then does an excellent job of describing how to knit with regular descriptions, not words that only knitters would understand. However, I have to keep a cover on the book, so my young readers don't see it, as they try to read everything while they are learning how to read, and there are sexual innuendos throughout the book, so consider yourself warned. Obviously, I still think it is a great book!

Super Stitches Knitting: Knitting Essentials Plus a Dictionary of more than 300 Stitch Patterns is the book of patterns that I own. I love it. I use it frequently, but I think any stitch pattern book would be just as invaluable.

3: Needles: Without a doubt I think Clover Takumi 13-Inch Single point, Size 8 are a great size to use for your first knitting project. The size 8 needles are not too big or too small. You can comfortably knit any worsted weight yarn on a size 8 needles. Bamboo needles are lighter and more comfortable to hold than aluminum needles (that are cheaper) but not as expensive as wood needles (that are lovely, but not worth the investment if you are not sure that you will stick with knitting.

4: Yarn: I think that a beginner knitter will find a lot of excellent options of yarn from Lion Brand and Knit Picks. They are very affordable yarns, so they won't break the bank, but they also offer some nicer quality fibers, as well.

5: Accessories: There are a few accessories that I think are important to have when you start knitting. Clover Point Protectors, Large  are nice to have when you want to put you knitting down, but you don't want it to slide off you needlesLion Brand Yarn Stitch Holders, Set of 3 are great for when you want to start another project before you finished your current project, and you only have one set of needles in that size. Clover Chibi with Darning Needles for weaving in loose ends once you complete your project. 

So there you have it! Pick yourself up a pair of needles and a skein of yarn and start knitting! And one last piece of advice, knitting can be a very expensive hobby, so don't go crazy buying all the needles, yarn, patterns, and accessories that you come across. Take it slow, research projects that really make you happy and buy what you need for that project.

Happy knitting!

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  1. This is great! We just got a big bag of yarn from the church and nowhere to go until now how to knit. Thanks. I will be asking for your help. My daughter are excited.

  2. I have been secretly wanting to learn how to knit! Maybe this will get me going. ;-)


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