Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Yarn Along {thirteen}

Knitting: Easy Lace Scarf  

I love this pattern! It is easy to remember, and I can knit and talk or knit and watch a show and not make a mistake. I think I may want to spend the next year knitting five more scarves in this pattern. Plus, my favorite yarn to knit with is fingering weight, so this pattern is a combination of all of my favorites; easy, not boring or frustrating, and fingering weight yarn.  I just attached my third and final ball of yarn. I hope to have the scarf finished by the end of the month.  And then I may start another scarf, seriously! 

My friend, Julie, bought me this book for my birthday. Her daughter and I enjoy sharing Duggar family updates, and Julie enjoys the books that they have published. 

I am a little more than halfway through the book, and I am enjoying it. One thing about the Duggar family that I have always appreciated is their love and acceptance of all people. That is not something that is easily faked, and it is easy to see that their desire to show the love of Christ to everyone is genuine. They have received a lot of ridicule from other people, even other Christians, for their life decisions and personal convictions, but they have never responded with unkindness. 

On page 99 in the book, the girls write 
Other Christians sometimes assume that just because we choose to do or not do something we are judging them for not being exactly like us. That's not the case! We realize that God leads people and that not everybody will embrace the same things or at the same time. 

Then on the next page, after sharing the story of a man and his personal conviction to not play cards, they write 
Sometimes when we see someone else's convictions as offbeat, we may be tempted to try to talk that person out of something we see as silly or unnecessary. But this man's story reminds us that God may have put that conviction in place for a specific reason, as a safeguard or protection. We should never make fun of others' standards. 

I agree! It is sad when people, Christians especially, spend so much time and energy arguing over who is right and who is wrong about personal decisions such as parenting, schooling, fashion, television, books, diet, etc. Obviously, there are many different ways that people can be "right" in these areas of life. 

There are too many tragedies going on in the world today to spend our time judging people. We should focus our energy on being kind, and show others love, with our words, actions, and especially our prayers. 

I think Growing Up Duggar is an enjoyable book, and the girls have a lot of good things to say about relationships with family, friends, and with God.

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  1. The scarf is beautiful. I am in love with that yarn! I enjoy the Duggars. Such a sweet faithful family.

  2. What a great scarf! I may need to slip my mom some fingering weight and this pattern. She needs a new project.

    And thanks for the book review. I enjoy watching the show and think I'd like this book

  3. I love how the yarn and the pattern complement each other in your project. It looks so fresh and breezy!

  4. The colors of th scarf are gorgeous! I used to watch the Duggars and I was always impressed with their kindness and desire to share God's love.

  5. I love your scarf. What beautiful variegated yarn. I watch the Duggars too, but not with my husband in the room. He doesn't understand.


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