Sunday, October 12, 2014

Celebrating My Marriage

Today Chris and I celebrate our anniversary. Eighteen years ago we said, "I do." I am so thankful that we have made it this far and look forward to many, many more years together.

Yesterday, on the eve of our anniversary we had a big misunderstanding, as we sometimes do when we have to use words when communicating with one another, and it was not pretty. He couldn't understand what I was saying. I had no clue what he was saying. 

We have this habit of thinking the other just intuitively knows what we are explaining, so we leave out crucial details. Then by the end of the conversation one person is lost and the other is frustrated.

Has that ever happened to you and your spouse?

We worked it out, as we always do, but by the end we both needed another cup of coffee and some time apart. Ha!

As I thought about our relationship, I remembered early years of our marriage. They were rough. We both made a few mistakes, behaved barely better than spoiled children, and separated briefly two times. We went to marriage counseling and read books (this one helped me a lot).

Our marriage success took work. We had love, but we didn't always have understanding and selfishness played a big role.
But all the work was worth it. And it still is!

With some effort, a misunderstanding can be made understood. 

Saying "I'm sorry" is easier than the break-up of my marriage. 

Forgiveness moves me past the hurt and anger and reminds me that I love, and I am loved. 

My marriage isn't perfect, but it is real and honest and happy. And it is worth celebrating! 


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    This line made me totally laugh " as we sometimes do when we have to use words when communicating with one another, "
    Yes...I can relate!!!!!

    1. Sometimes talking can be a real drag. ;-)

  2. Happy Anniversary! 18 years is something to celebrate for sure. It seems like things would be easy-peasy after so many years, we are going on 17, but it amazes me how we still have to put forth the effort and show maturity :) Hope you were able to have a nice celebration.

  3. Congrats! I know my husband and I need some time apart too. Hope you have a very happy year on the way to 19. =)

  4. Happy Anniversary to your hubby and his better half! :)

  5. Congrats on your Anniversary.. Pray the God keeps blessing you.


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