Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Little Things {Five Favorites}

1. My new Lilla Rose Flexi. 

My new Night Owl Flexi arrived on Monday. I love it!

2. New supplies for a cross-stitch project. 

I designed a happy fall scene to stitch onto these hand towels with DMC Color Variations. I am going to put them in a gift basket with a candle, candy, and my #3 favorite to give as a birthday present.

3. $1 hand soap with pretty autumn pictures on them.

When I was purchasing my cross-stitch supplies at Jo-Ann Fabrics, these cute seasonal soaps were at the register and totally what I needed! Score! 

4. Panettone

Every fall my local Sam's Club gets Panettone in stock for the holidays, and almost every year they sell out before I get a chance to buy it. Not this year! This morning, the boys and I enjoyed a slice of Panettone with our scrambled eggs. Yum! 

With all of the talk about capsule wardrobes, I decided it was time to overhaul my closet. With my recent weight gain, my closet was full of multiple sizes. First I packed up a bunch of clothes to donate. Then I took a quick look at what I have, and decided I needed three more tops to wear under my cardigans. My favorite outfit to wear in the fall/winter is a skirt and a thin, flowy top with a cardigan over it. Yesterday I went to Kohls, armed with a coupon, to find what I needed. Mission accomplished!

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  1. Love the owl flexi! And I'm excited to see what you cross stitch - I love seeing what all you crafty ladies make :)

  2. Love all these lovely things on your list! I just went through my wardrobe too and bought a few new blouses too from TJ Maxx. What types of skirts do you wear and where do you find them. I am looking to wear more skirts this winter instead of jeans, but wondered where everyone finds a nice basic skirt?


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