Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Week in My Life 2014 {Saturday and Sunday} and 10 More Things About Me {a Liebster}

I fell behind on documenting a Week in My Life 2014 and linking-up with Kathryn at Team Whitaker.

My weekend was busy. I spent Saturday morning preparing my science lesson for co-op on Monday. I ended up with six pages of notes, one video to show, and four demonstrations. It was worth the work because the kids enjoyed it! 

Classically Catholic Memory for the win!

Then the boys and I went to Maryland for a family birthday party. Sunday I spent the day winding balls of wool to felt for dryer balls. 
Felted and ready to use! 

We went to the Sunday evening Mass. After Mass, Chris and the boys went home, but I visited my mother-in-law for a little conversation and ice cream. 

I am so happy that I documented my week! 

Since I took so long to finish up my weekend post, I am going to combine it with another one that has been sitting in my drafts folder. 

 Laura at String of Pearls picked me for a Liebster award many weeks ago. She is the sweetest! 

1. Do you have a favorite saint, and what drew you to him or her? 

I do! I am fond of St. Rita, St. Gerard, and St. Anthony

2. Do you have a best loved book that you have read multiple times? (And will  you probably read it again?) Or do you always just read a book once and pass it on to others? 

Absolutely! I reread my favorite stories. Rereading them is like visiting with old friends. My best-loved book is Jane Eyre. It is a favorite of mine to reread and to listen on audio while I knit or stitch. 

3. What is your family's Christmas Eve tradition? 

We spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family. My mother, her siblings, and their children. It is one of the only days that we all spend together. It is fun!

4. When you dress up in heels, do you wear panty hose/tights, or do you go bare legged?

In the summer, I go bare legged, but during the cooler months I wear tights and panty-hose. Although, I rarely wear regular sheer panty-hose. For example, yesterday I wore a pair of dark grey hose with a small pattern on them. They are fun, but also tasteful, in my opinion. 

5. How did you and your husband meet? 

We met in high school. A mutual friend introduced us. Although, I had known who he was for awhile because he had a bit of a notorious personality. You can read about how we met here.

6.What is your go to prayer in time of distress? 

I love to pray the Hail Mary or ten when I am worried or feeling scared (like after waking up from a nightmare). When I say that I am praying for you I usually ask Our Lady to intercede on your behalf. 

7.Where is the one place in the world you would visit if you could? 

For some reason, this question is proving hard for me to answer. There are a lot of places that I want to visit, but nowhere that I feel like I HAVE to visit, so they are all equal in desire. Honestly, some places that I feel I should want to visit, are low on my list because they are so foreign and/or crowded. World traveler, I am not. I want to see the Northern Lights in person, so anywhere I can see them in a quiet manner would be good for me. 
8. How many siblings do you have? 

I am an only child. 

9. Are you a worrier? 

I am a worrier, especially at 3:00 in the morning. 

10. What if any sport do you enjoy watching the most? 


Great questions, Laura. Now it is my turn to ask questions and tag a couple other bloggers to answer them. 

I tag Christina @ A Catholic Reversal and Bobbi @ Revolution of Love Blog

As for my questions, I am cheating a little. I asked these questions earlier in the year, but no one played along, so I am asking them again. 

1. How old were you when you first learned how to read?

2. What was your favorite book when you were ten years old? 

3. What was your favorite song when you were thirteen years old? 

4. Which do you prefer to watch Star Wars or Star Trek?

5.  Do you know what fictional character felt "thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread" and do you ever feel that way?

6. Do you prefer heels or flats? 

7. What is the craziest color that you have dyed your hair? 

8. If someone gave you $1000 and told you had two hours to spend it (but not to pay your bills) what would you buy? 

9. If you had to choose between fighting an alien or a zombie, which one would you pick? 

10. Who is the better cook you or your husband? 


  1. Thanks for the nomination Erica! Looking forward to posting the answers. Sounds like you had a nice weekend!

  2. Enjoy your mother in love. I just told my oldest daughter today I missed my sweet mother in love--she passed away a few years ago. We are truly blessed to marry men and become friends with their mothers.


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