Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Week in My Life 2014 {Friday}

Joining Kathryn at Team Whitaker for the Week in My Life 2014 link-up.

on our way to our meeting

where we pray

visiting with a friend on her birthday

view from her backyard

Every month we meet up with our homeschool support group on the second Friday, so it being the second Friday of November we spent the morning with our friends at a local church. This month we met for rosary, snacks, and social time. I brought the jumbo sized box of Cheez-Its. It is always a hit! After the meeting, the boys and I visited the grocery store for cat food and a single serving of cake. Then we went home; they ate a quick lunch of nachos (leftovers truly are wonderful), and they packed their overnight bags for a stay with my mother. She picked them up, and they happily left with smiles on their faces. I cleaned the kitchen, and then wrote my post for Thursday. Then I grabbed the cake and headed on over to visit my friend for her birthday. We spend several hours laughing and talking, and she fed me a delicious dinner (on her birthday, she is super sweet). Then I came home and cooked a little dinner for Chris. We had the house to ourselves. It was nice to talk to him without any interruptions. Finally, we turned on season 5 of Walking Dead because he was behind on a few episodes, and we made it through a couple before we fell asleep. 

Friday was a great day!

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  1. How fortunate you have a mother nearby for sleep overs. Sounds like a nice quite evening for you and Chris.


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