Saturday, December 20, 2014

Books to Read During Christmas Week

We talk about Jesus, St.Nicholas, and Santa Claus in our home during Advent. 

On December 6th, we always read The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale. Then we return to our regular bedtime reading (usually a chapter book) until a week before Christmas. That is when we start reading Christmas stories.

There have been many great articles around the Catholic Mom blogosphere that list great books to read during Advent and Christmas. 

I do not want to recreate their lists, but I think books lists are great resources and we have several books on our list that I have not seen mentioned yet. So I am going to share several of the books that we have read every year for the last several years a couple books that are new to us this year.

The Town That Forgot about Christmas  
The boys and I love this sweet tale about a sad town that has forgotten the joy of Christmas and a kind stranger that teaches them all how to bring back the Christmas spirit. 

Bethlehem Night 
A beautifully illustrated book that tells the Christmas story as a poem.

Christmas Day in the Morning 
This book is new to us this year. I first saw it here. It is a sweet tale about a father and son, and I must admit that is made me just a teeny bit teary-eyed at the end of the tale. 

The Legend of the Poinsettia 
This book, about a Mexican folktale, is also new to us this year, although we have been Tomie DePaola fans for years. This book tells the tale of a young girl who learned a gift given with generosity and love is truly beautiful.

The Christmas Story 
We love Little Golden Books. This telling of the Christmas story is lovely.

The Night Before Christmas   
A favorite Christmas poem by Clement C. Moore, beautifully illustrated by Douglas Gorsline.

Santa's Secret Helper  
An endearing story about Santa's secret helper, his wife! 

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever 
I have always loved stories involving mice, even though I am not a fan of mice in real life. It is a cute story with charming illustrations. It is total fluff, but we like it! 


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