Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Current Favorites {Five Favorites}

1. Prints from Audrey Eclectic. I gave these two prints to my twin nephews for their baptism. They are gorgeous! 

2. My new flexi from Lilla Rose. I love wearing my flexi in my hair, but a new favorite way to wear it is to hold the ends of my scarves together. 

3.  The Norwex Body Towels (they are actually washcloth size). My oldest son has acne. Since he started washing his face with these antibacterial cloths, only using warm water and the cloths, his face has really cleared up. The cloths have silver in them, and the silver fights bacteria. 

4. The Norwex Timeless Lip Balm. It is natural, has a light, pleasant scent, and keeps my lips moisturized for hours. 

5. Free Christmas romance novels for Kindle at Amazon. I am very picky about the romance novels I read, so to be able to pick from free ones is great for my budget. If I start reading one and don't like it, I do not feel guilty about removing it from my device and picking a new one. Also, reading through the reviews help a lot to find out if the story is "sweet" or "risque" (I prefer sweet with a bit of a mystery, in case you are wondering). 

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  1. I love those prints! I am always looking for unique gifts for my godchildren, those would be great.

  2. I'm so intrigued about the Norwex rags now.


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