Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December Daybook 2014


For friends that lost a family member a couple days ago, may they find comfort in Christ. 

For all the people that are alone, may they feel the love of Christ. 

For couples suffering through miscarriage, may they find healing in Christ. 

For all of our friends and family, may they have a blessed Christmas. 


Very loud music coming up through the floor because Chris is doing his morning exercises.


"It is our part to offer what we can, his to finish what we cannot." St. Jerome


Preparing for the Christmas potluck we are hosting with my extended family tonight. The roast is on the crock-pot already, and the homemade gifts are almost complete. But the house needs to be scrubbed down, so I better get to that! 


I love Christmas morning. I love waking up early to watch the boys open their gifts. Then we enjoy Christmas breakfast. It is always the same thing, cinnamon rolls and quiche. Then we go to Mass. It is the best morning all year! 

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