Friday, January 9, 2015

Peace, Charts, Prints, Comments, Saints, Confidence, Parenting {7QTs}

It has been a long time since I joined up with Seven Quick Takes. It was long before Jen passed the torch over to Kelly at This Ain't The Lyceum. Congratulations Kelly! I am happy to join you and all the Quick Takers this Friday. 

I have had such a busy week this week. Plus we have a had a touch of the stomach bug that has been going around. Thankfully it hasn't been too bad, and I am glad that we got it after the new year. So with all of the madness going on this week writing a few or seven Quick Takes made sense.


My word for the year is peace. I wrote about it here. In the post, I wrote about how I didn't want peace to be my word for the year, even though I felt God was making it pretty clear to me that peace was my word. I mentioned a book that I had read that helped seal the deal on my word, not thinking that my little post would ever reach the author of the book. But it did, and she stopped by and left me the sweetest comment. It made my day! 


If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this picture already. I was thinking about my daily schedules, and I came up with this chart. I already have a chart for school lessons and the housework, but I wanted to make sure that I take time every day to do the things that I love and keep me happy and healthy. So I wrote this list and then put it in an empty frame that we already had. I placed it next to my bed so that I could check it off at night. It has been a great reminder to me throughout the day as I come and go in my bedroom. Plus, if a day goes by that I do not accomplish one or two things off my personal goals chart, I know to make them a priority the next day. 


If you follow Saint Affairs on Facebook or Instagram, you have probably already seen this picture, as well. But I just love the prints so much I wanted to show them off here. These prints are from Rakstar Designs on Esty. You probably already know about Rakhi because she blogs at The Pitter Patter Diaries. Please go and check out her shop. It is full of lovely things for you and your home! 

4. Let's talk about comments. Sometimes I fail at replying to comments, but I always appreciate them. I wanted to make the comments more user-friendly and make them easier for me to reply to so I tried to install IntenseDebate here, and it worked! I did it! I am very surprised that it worked. Yay! I hope it makes commenting easier for everyone! 


So did you use the Saint's Name Generator to pick your saint of the year? I did! I prayed that God would give me the best saint for me and then hit the button. When I saw St. Aelred of Rievaulx pops up, I was a bit disappointed. I had never heard of him before. Then I saw that he was the patron saint of kidney problems, and it started to make sense to me. All last year I was plagued with weird symptoms and in just a generally in poor health. In December, it after some tests it looked like I was suffering from a mild bladder/kidney infection. Once I started reading what the internet had to say about St. Aelred I became excited to learn more. I found several great quotes from him, like the one above. His feast day is January 12, so I need to plan a little celebration for my family in his honor. I also found a book on Amazon that I am adding to my wishlist this year, Aelred of Rievaulx.

I did manage to write one post this week about how I gained confidence in my homeschooling abilities. I was not an a confident young woman, so it was uncharacteristic for me to take my oldest son out of school and homeschool him. Over time, I made a few attitude adjustments and took on a few personal challenges that helped me gain confidence. And I have to tell you, graduating my oldest son from my homeschool and watching him thrive at college and his job has given me even more confidence! 

7. Speaking of my oldest boy, he made a decision this week that forced me and Chris to practice what we preach. After talking it over with us for a couple months and knowing that we had reservations, he went and got his ears pierced. Yes, my sweet oldest son has a hole in each ear now. We aren't thrilled with his decision, but we know that it is his decision. And he is such a good kid. He keeps his grades up at college, just got another raise at work, and still attends Mass regularly and drives himself to confession when he needs to go. Honestly, his father and I did teach him to be true to himself and to be respectful and kind to others, but to not let others dictate who he is supposed to be. On his off hours, he likes to wear anime t-shirts, a beanie cap, and now two little studs in his ears. I don't understand it, but I am not eighteen years old. ;-) 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope 2015 brings you many blessings and much joy! 
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