Monday, January 19, 2015

What I Learned During My Week of Silence (or My Time Away From Social Media)

I had no idea on Monday morning when I decided to take the week away from social media and blogs to discern whether I should continue blogging that I was coming down with the flu. But getting knocked down by the flu, I did! 

Despite the flu, I had a very good week. I felt your prayers, and I thank you for them. After spending last week praying (and a quick trip to confession on Saturday), I better understand the feelings of discontent that I was having.

You see, I had set up a writing schedule for myself so that I could be more organized with my writing. I had set these rules for myself, rules that I made after reading different advice from professional writers and other bloggers. There is a lot of advice out there that is good and worthwhile to follow, if one should feel the need. 

But my schedule and rules were not good for me. In all honesty, they stressed me out and made me want to write less, not more. And that is just crazy, because I have always written a journal to help me process feelings and situations in my life and as an outlet for creativity. But all the advice that I had read and my list of rules had taken so much space up in my mind that I couldn't think of anything else when it came to writing. 

I had started looking at blogging as something that I had to do, and since I was going to do it I had to do it right. And doing it right meant making a schedule, following rules, and giving people what they want that only I can give (whatever that is). 

But the truth is that I don't want to push my thoughts, ideas, and favorite products into your reader or inbox three or four days a week. Your life is busy and so is mine. I don't want to distract you from your life, which is full of wonderful and important things for you to accomplish. I don't need to write about every book I read, and the Netflix shows I watch, and the clothes hanging in my closet and my make-up routine. Because honestly, if I am writing about those things it is most likely because I have bought into the idea that I can't let too many days go by without posting something in this space. 

I do want to keep writing here. I want to encourage you, share what has worked for me, and write about how God has blessed me. 

I want people who are searching or hurting or lonely to find comfort in the Lord. 

I want my faith always to shine through my words because my life isn't really about me. It is so much bigger than that! My life, just like everyone's life, is about God and His love for everyone. 

Words matter. They can make a difference towards good or bad. I want my words always to point towards my heavenly Father because He is the true author of my life. 

I have blogged through the years for community. I want to continue to belong to the community of Catholic bloggers who encourage me, whose words point to Christ and share the beauty and the truths of the Catholic Church. 

So I am going to write every chance I can, but without a schedule. I am going to write what the Spirit moves me to write and pray that it blesses you. 

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