Monday, February 16, 2015

Busy Being Crafty

Many of the twenty-four hours in my day is filled up with domestic duties, homeschooling, and sleeping. As much as I am glad to be able to do those things (yes, even the housework), I try to make sure that I take time to be active and creative with my hands. I have to be intentional about exercise and crafts, or those things would easily be forgotten for something less fulfilling like watching a show or movie on Netflix. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not knocking the past-time of Netflix watching. I love a good show and enjoy watching them. I especially like when I can combine being crafty with television - a win-win situation. 

This post is not about exercising or Netflix though. It is about the projects I have completed recently and how important working with my hands is to me. It is just as important to me as writing, but the whole twenty-four hour in a day thing keeps me from doing both in a single day, so when things get quiet around here you can safely assume that I am making something with my hands. 

Recently, I gave my friend Renee a bag that I knitted and then felted. I wrote the pattern for this bag. In addition to the bag, I bought a plain white apron and then stitched margarita glasses and the phrase, "I need a DRINK!" on it. I also gave her a journal from Rakhi's Etsy shop and a set of color pens. She loved all of it. 

My sister-in-law and her husband have birthdays that are three days apart from each other and very close to Valentine's Day. I found a tutorial online for confetti heart mugs, so I made a set for them. I also gave them some chocolates and hot chocolates and two books to read. 

Back in December, I finally finished a little dress that had been on my needles for awhile. It was for my niece, Hannah, so I named the pattern Hannah's Dress (I wrote the pattern). We ran into them at Mass last week, and Hannah had the dress on with a pair of leggings. She looked super cute in it. 

Currently, I am knitting a baby vest. I wrote the pattern for this vest two years ago. I am also knitting a throw blanket with a bunch of Merino Wool/Acrylic blend that I have in my stash. It is taking longer than I thought it would as I have made a few changes to the pattern as I have been knitting. The original one that I wrote did not work out quite as I imagined. 

As a wife and mother, my life is full of repetitive days. The work is good and honest, and at the end of my life I know I will not regret working inside my home rather than outside of it. But it is very satisfying to work on a project that has nothing to do with housework or education. I think part of the process that I love the most is seeing something turn from a thought into a usable item. I also enjoy giving people that I love something handmade. 

Do you love to work with your hands? How have you been crafty lately? 

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