Friday, March 6, 2015

Before I Turn 40

I am a month away from my 39th birthday.

I celebrated my 35th birthday the year I started this blog. I know it is cliche to say, but time does fly by so fast. Since I started this blog I learned how to knit, had surgery, miscarried several babies, graduated my oldest son from our homeschool, watched my second son receive communion for the first time, lost my grandfather and then my grandmother. I lost weight, gained weight, and suffered through female health problems and hormone issues. I proudly became the godmother of three cute nephews and one sweet niece. I ran more miles than I had in years previous and fell in love with Zumba.

I experienced an abundance of joy, overwhelming grief, and more physical pain than I care to discuss. I overcame some of my fears and am working towards peace. And I can honestly say that I am a happier and more confident woman than I was before I started this blog.

But it would be a lie to tell you that I am excited about my upcoming birthday, that the thought of living my last year in my thirties didn't cause me to feel sad.

It does.

I have spent more than a little bit of time thinking about how to change decades without turning into a mid-life mess of tears. After some time in prayer, I came up with a list of nine things that I want to do before my 40th birthday. Some of them will require a lot of time and effort, but other things will be easier to accomplish. All of them are helping me to feel excited about my upcoming birthday, and that, my friends, makes them worth doing!

1. Join a Bible study.

2. Take a class, like drawing or sewing.

3. Make Eucharistic Adoration a regular part of my life.

4. Walk or run 20 miles a week - every week!

5. Join the library.

6. Commit the St. Michael prayer  and the Prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes to memory. 

7. Hike a part of the Appalachian Trail that I have never hiked before.

8. Try Jamberry nail wraps.

9. Relearn the proper spelling and definition of all the words in 100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know. Hey this old brain has forgotten a lot - don't judge. (Amazon Associate link)  

I can't wait to get started, but it will have to wait until after Lent. My birthday is April 6th, the day after Easter. I will celebrate Easter and my birthday with my family, and then I will start working on the things on my list. 

Have you ever looked to a birthday with dread? What steps did you take to turn that sadness into joy? 

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