Friday, April 24, 2015

Blog Stuff, Giveaways, Running, and a Conference! {SQT}

It's Friday! This morning I spent some much needed time with my sister-in-law and four of her ten children, and a dear friend of ours. We had coffee, donuts, danish, and lots of great conversation. I meant to have my quick takes up before they arrived, but I was very slow moving this morning. So here I am writing them in the afternoon instead of running like I should be (more about running below)! 

On to the takes! 

1. Many weeks ago I won a blog consultation with Bonnie. She is so smart and gives great advice. She is to the point and very kind. 

2. I am still in the process of making changes, following many of her suggestions. I rewrote my About page and updated most of the tabs. I changed my social media buttons and added a blogroll to my sidebar. And I changed my header. It is not exactly what I want, but it works for now. 

3. I had such a great experience with Bonnie that I decided I would give a consultation away as part of my new series of giveaways. I plan on giving away the consultation in June. 

4. The first giveaway in the series is live. I am giving away two bars of all natural soap and two hand knit wash cloths. It will close on Sunday night so if you want to enter you better do it asap! 

5. The next item that I will giveaway in the series is the journal from Blessed is She. I have wanted one for a while, so finally, I bought two. One for myself and one for a lucky winner! Look for that giveaway in the next several weeks! 

6. A quick update on #4 from my list of things that I want to do before I turn 40. I am training for a half marathon. I am not signed up to run in a race. It is more of a personal goal. I am using this training schedule, and I am enjoying it. A friend of mine is training too, and we plan on running 13.1 miles together around town. I like setting goals and working towards them. It is great for my self-esteem

7.  I am attending a Catholic women's blogging conference next Saturday. I am very excited! I am going to spend the day with so many great ladies, such as Julie, Rita, Rosie, Cristina, Mary, Abigail, and Abbey (just to name a few). There will be many more lovely ladies there, as well. I promise to write a recap, so look for that in the coming weeks! 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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