Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Eyes on the Good Shepherd

Father's homily was very good on Sunday. He talked about how we can allow too many distractions into our lives. These distractions are placed there by evil because it wants to take our focus off of Jesus. Once we take our focus off of Jesus, it is easier for us to care more about worldly things than we do about what matters most, who we are in Jesus. When we take our eyes off of the Good Shepherd, we risk being consumed by the wolf. 

As I pondered Father's words, it occurred to me how often people are quick to dismiss the internet. They call it a distraction. Surely, it can be one with so many blogs, videos, social sites, and stores. It is easy to waste time click, click, clicking to another related link. If you contribute to social sites or blogs, people may try to dissuade you from contributing, insisting there are better uses of your time.

In some cases, this advice is true, but it is not always true.

There are a lot of wonderful, faith-filled, intelligent people in the world. Unfortunately, we may not live close to any or we may be in a season of life that makes it hard to find and reach out to the people in our community. Finding friendship, fellowship, mentors online is a saving grace when we are tired or lonely or frustrated.

We need to swap stories with someone, but not just anybody. We need to connect with women who get it, who understand us, who offer advice and prayer. Someone who can direct our eyes away from distractions and back to the One that truly matters. Jesus.

I am very thankful for this community of Catholic women bloggers. They are friendly, welcoming, and supportive. Their words, their openness to share their faith, with all the joys and struggles, are changing people. Their stories are teaching others about God's love, grace, and mercy. Seeing glimpses of their daily lives and reading about their triumphs and struggles help other women when they are feeling lost and alone. Their testimonies are bringing people to Jesus.

In March, the first group of Catholic women bloggers got together to talk and learn and support each other. This past weekend, the second group connected. This upcoming Saturday I will be part of another gathering. There are other meet-ups that will take place across the country at later dates.

Please keep us in your prayers. The wolf is out there, and he wants us to stop proclaiming how wonderful God is, how merciful and loving is the Lord. Pray that we keep our eyes towards the Shepherd always. 

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