Monday, April 6, 2015

Out of Darkness

When I was little, I used to hide. I would find the darkest places in my grandparents' home, crawl inside, and stay there. One of my favorite places, when I was very little, were side tables that my grandmother had in the living room. They were of ornate, dark wood. They had swinging doors. I would climb in one, close the door, and just sit inside. 

Once I outgrew the side tables, I hid in the center part of two connecting closets. My grandparents' closets connected but had separate entrances (I guess you could call it a Jack and Jill closet). My grandfather's closet was in the family room, and my grandmother's closet was in their bedroom, and they connected in the middle. I would enter into one door (usually my grandfather's) and crawl to the center where it was dark and empty.

When I was eleven, I was given the basement bedroom. It did not have windows, so when the door closed it was pitch black. It became my sanctuary, my safe place in my home. I spent hours in my basement room, lights off, radio on, just alone with my thoughts, waiting to be old enough to move out of the house.

But what is in the darkness. Evil? Nothing good.The light is where life begins. I don't hide in darkness anymore. I long for the light.

God called me out of the darkness. Once I was ready to shed the pain and insecurities of my youth, there was more room inside me for God to enter and transform me. He placed people in my life that helped me along the way, people that shined with Christ's light. 

I am not a perfect lamp for Christ's light. Some days I burn bright and other days my lamp is dim, but I continue to seek Him and His ways and pray for grace and mercy. It is only through His presence in me that I can encourage and love others as I should, to be a light in their life. 

Has Christ brought you out of darkness? How is He shining through you to bring hope and love to the people around you? 

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