Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's the Little Things that Matter {26 Expectations Around the House and Yard}

Chris and I grew up in very different environments. When we bought our first house, we both expected things to happen a certain way. We agreed on some of them while others we did not. Through the early years, we perfected our list of expectations that we required for ourselves and our boys. 

This past weekend we realized that some of our boys had a better understanding than others of what we expect of them. We decided it was time to re-evaluate the list and write it down so that we had a reference point.

Our expectations are not lofty, impossible goals. They are small acts, easily attainable. Though they are small, when the tasks are regularly completed they make a huge impact on maintaining peace and happiness in our daily lives. 

1. Make your bed when you wake up. 

2. Keep the area under your bed free of clutter and toys. 

3. Clean laundry must be put away immediately. 

4. Dirty clothes go in their designated areas. 

5. Put items back in the closet/cabinet/drawer you got them from as soon as you are finished using it. 

6. Keep the bathroom counters mess free by putting your toiletry items in their proper places and wiping out the sink and countertop after each use. 

7. When you use the last of the toilet paper, throw away the empty cardboard roll and replace it with a new roll of toilet paper.

8. Always flush the toilet, put the lid down, and wash your hands. Always hang the hand towel back up. 

9. Always put trash into the trashcan. 

10. Take your dirty dishes to the sink. 

11. Food does not leave the kitchen area. 

12. All chores must be completed after schoolwork and before playtime. 

13. You must ask permission to use an item that belongs to someone else. 

14. Be polite. Say "Please," "Thank you," and "I am sorry" when necessary. 

15. Open and close doors and drawers gently - no slamming. 

16. Walk when you are inside the main part of the house. Running is only allowed in the basement and outside. 

17. Do not bounce or jump up and down the stairs. 

18. If you see a family member struggling with something, offer to help them. 

19. All personal items are brought in from the car after every trip. 

20. Coats are hung in the closet and shoes are put neatly away as soon as you enter the house. 

21. Do not leave sports equipment and yard toys in the grass. Put them away when you are finished using them. 

22. Bring in the mail and the paper if you see that they have been delivered.  

23. Trash that has blown into the yard should be picked up and thrown away. 

24. Pull any weeds that you notice in the landscaping and put them in the yard waste pile. 

25. Stay within the boundary of our yard. 

26. When a neighbor is in his yard, you should smile, wave, and say "Hello." 

As you can see, our list of expectations is achievable. Although some days we fall short and completing everything perfectly does not happen. However having a list helps us stay on track. The list is not meant to be used as a checklist, but rather as a guide. Performing these small tasks and acts of kindness keep us from feeling overwhelmed and helps us feel appreciation for each other and our surroundings.

Do you have a list of expectations or standards that you teach your children? What are a few of the non-negotiables for your family? 

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