Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our Summer School Schedule

It happened over several weeks. We finished books and let those subjects fall from our schedule. Our school day decreased and our free time increased. Then we completed our entire school year last week. 

At the end of most school years, I am ready for a break, but not this year. I didn't feel the joy that I thought I would when we finished. Maybe it is because I feel like I have so much more to teach them, and since I have a son all grown up, I know how fast time flies by us. 

Recently, a friend asked me about a book that I had borrowed. As I searched through the bookshelves for the book, I shifted through all the curriculum materials that I have collected over the years. I found so many wonderful books that I had used with Holden but decided not to use with Thomas. I also found several consumable books that a friend gave to me years ago when she moved, that I had forgotten about having. I pulled them off the shelf and set them aside for Ralph. 

The rest of the day, I thought about the boys and the books, so I decided to create a schedule for summer school. Once the schedule was finished, I talked to Chris about it, and he thought it sounded like a great idea. Then I told the boys, and they were fine with it. 

I am excited about it. Ralph loves to learn. Thomas does not. Keeping a short school day through the summer will give both boys what they need. Ralph the time to continue learning, and Thomas active in a school routine. 

In case you are wondering, Ralph completed first grade, and Thomas completed sixth grade. Our summer schedule is not following a specific grade level, other than Ralph's worksheets. 

Below is our summer schedule. 

Thomas and Ralph: 
I will read aloud from the texts, and we will go over discussion questions orally and complete hands-on projects as they fit in with the lessons.
Science - Exploring Creation with Botany  (30 minutes)
History - From Sea to Shining Sea  (15 minutes) 
Religion  - Stories of the Saints (15 minutes) 

Math Speed Drills (3 to 5 minutes) 
Easy Grammar worksheet (10 minutes) 
Vocabulary  from Stories of the Saints (10 minutes) 
Reading quietly (20 minutes) 

Math 2 to 4 worksheets (10 minutes)
Language Arts 2 to 4 worksheets (10 minutes)
Reading to me (5 to 10 minutes) 

We started this schedule yesterday. All schoolwork is completed in under two hours, so we still have plenty of time for fun summer activities. We will only follow this schedule four days a week, as we hope to have a beach day every week. We also have a family vacation scheduled for the end of June, and we will not do schoolwork that week. 

What are your homeschooling plans for the summer? Do you school all year long? Are you taking the entire summer off? Will you join any summer reading programs? 

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