Thursday, June 4, 2015

A Prayer for God's Guidance {Printable}

Over the next few weeks, the boys and I will be committing to memory the Prayer for God's Guidance. 

I made a simple printable for the prayer using PicMonkey
When making prayer graphics, I like to keep them simple. PicMonkey offers a wide variety of fonts, but the boys need to be able to read each word, so I highlight only a few of the significant words with different, but easy to read fonts. I add color and small embellishments, but nothing that distracts from the prayer. 

I made several different color combinations so each one of us could have one that was special to us. Then I had them printed in the 5x7 size. I used Shutterfly, and they turned out great. We will frame them and keep them by our beds. 

I am sharing them here for your personal use. Just save them to your computer and print them yourself or with a company you trust. 

A couple weeks ago, I shared the printable I made for An Act of Hope. You can find it here.

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